Digital Revolutions: Activism in the internet age

alt_w127_digitalrevolutionscoverMy second book Digital Revolutions: Activism in the internet age, was published by New Internationalist in 2013. It costs £9.99 and can be ordered online here.

From Occupy to Uncut, from the Arab Spring to the Slutwalk movement, few questions about recent activism raise as much controversy as the role of the internet. This book suggests that the internet is a tool, not a cause, of social change. It has profoundly affected the way people communicate, making it easier to find the truth, to learn from activists on the other side of the world, to co-ordinate campaigns without hierarchy and to expose governments and corporations to public ridicule. But it has also helped those same governments and corporations to spy on activists, to disrupt campaigns and to create illusions of popular support.

Focused on the real-life experiences of activists rather than theory or abstract statistics, Digital Revolutions asks how the internet has affected activism, how it has allowed movements to go global more quickly and what the future holds for corporations and social movements that are doing battle online.

“It’s time to fight back – on the streets, in our workplaces – but online too, and this crucial book shows how.”

Owen Jones
Author and Guardian columnist

“Symon Hill’s engaging book – clearly written and accessible – talks good sense: the internet offers tools for resistance and change that all activists need to deploy to secure success in the modern online age. But these cyber tools are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.”

Peter Tatchell
International human rights campaigner

“A timely and necessary book.”

Laurie Penny
Journalist and activist

“This book transcends glib positions about the internet and social movements… to offer a rich and considered analysis, backed up by engaging case studies from a range of issues, communities and continents.”

Melanie Jarman
Peace News

“From the Arab Spring to Occupy to Slutwalk and beyond, the author has interviewed and assembled inspiring anecdotes and tales of people who have used the internet to build their capacity to challenge power… this book is sure to add another dimension and a few surprising stories.”

Anne-Marie O’Reilly

“Well-written and engaging… We must use all the means available to spread our message. This book is a primer on how to do so.”

Kees Maxey

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