The No-Nonsense Guide to Religion

No-Nonsense Guide to Religion

My first book, The No-Nonsense Guide to Religion was published by New Internationalist in 2010.  It explores big topics in a short space, asking key questions about the role of religion in the world today.  It uses examples from around the world to explore religion’s relationship with truth, politics, power, violence and human rights.

It costs £7.99 and can be ordered online by clicking here.

The No-Nonsense Guide to Religion takes the debate to a higher, more rewarding and insightful level. It provides a balanced and astutue account of the major religions of the world and their role in the daily lives of believers… It’s an invitation for progressive politics to work hand in hand with religion to shape a better and more viable future for the whole of humanity.”

 Ziauddin Sardar
Muslim writer and broadcaster

 “In just 128 pages he brings the subject live in a way that is exciting, intelligent and full of wisdom. How he does this in such a confined space is astonishing, yet he achieves it brilliantly… The book has an energy about it that is compelling and it is filled with little cameos of human experience and passion, and also reflection, from across the faiths that make it not only live but show how relevant it is to life today.”

Noel Moules
Christian theologian and educator

“Balanced, refreshingly honest and relevant for anyone trying to explore the place of religion in today’s society. This book is an invaluable resource… thoroughly recommended to interested teenagers and adults alike.”

James D Holt
RE Today

“There are powerful ideas as to how religion is linked both positively and negatively to political action in this book. The section on war and nonviolence including direct action is especially strong… For those with a faith or none, this is a must- read book.”

Derek Wall
Green World

“He is scrupulously fair-minded in his treatment of the subject, and challenges the thoughtless believer as well as the thoughtless atheist to rethink unexamined assumptions… Convictions appear, but honourably so; this does not pretend to be uncommitted writing, though it is always willing to reflect the strengths of the opposition. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.”

Mark Woods
Baptist Times

In such a small book, the author deserves credit for his breadth of cover of the many matters that command our attention about religion… Placing his subject firmly in the resurgence of current debates, carefully referencing his work, he reviews what it’s like to talk about religion in today’s newsworthy, secular and western society.”

Robin Bennett
The Friend

“Hill puts many current religious conflicts (including, commendably, Israel’s occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank) into compact nutshells, clarifying complex issues and pointing the clearest way out of the morass.”

The ‘Mindful Bard’
The Voice

“The book’s highlight for peace activists is likely to be the absorbing chapter exploring the concepts of ‘just war’, ‘pacifism’ and ‘holy war’… With its brief survey of the world’s major religions and accessible tone, The No-Nonsense Guide to Religion will undoubtedly be a thought-provoking read for young people who are beginning to think about this unwieldy subject.”

Ian Sinclair
Peace News

“A great pocket-sized introduction to the hot-button issues of how religion interacts with society”.

Tim Stacey

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