Queers for Jesus

I’m pleased to report the launch of a new radical blog site: Queers for Jesus.

Queers for Jesus aims to challenge both the legalism found in many churches and the shallow, exploitative and consumerist attitudes to sexuality that are so dominant in our society. It operates with a broad definition of “queer”, seeing queerness as being about asking questions, crossing boundaries and challenging legalism with love.

I’m honoured to be co-editor of the site, along with Jay Clark, a genderqueer Christian-Quaker activist, who writes on issues of gender, art and spirituality and edits Movement magazine.

Since we began the site a couple of weeks ago, I’ve written about the reality of the “Keep Marriage Special” campaign and the bizarre claims of Christian Voice regarding Tesco and the Pride festival. Jay’s written on “queer bouncy castles” and the need for queers to stand alongside disability activists. Today we have a post from Susannah Cornwall, a theologian at Manchester University, pointing out that the existence of intersex people challenges assumptions about sex and gender and poses a challenge for opponents of same-sex marriage and women bishops.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome!

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