The great Facebook switch-off: Saturday 1st December

From midnight tonight, I will not be using Facebook for 24 hours (for the duration of Saturday, 1st December). More importantly, I will be setting my “status update” to explain that my 24-hour boycott is due to the company’s tax dodging.

While only a relatively small number of people will join in the boycott, many more will hear about it through their friends’ status updates. If you join in, your friends will hear about the issue.

The action has been called by Church Action on Poverty. This is a great case of using Facebook to campaign against Facebook. You can read my article about it on the New Internationalist website. You can also read more about the campaign here.



One response to “The great Facebook switch-off: Saturday 1st December

  1. Thanks for your support Symon, and a big thank you to everybody who took part in Switch-off Saturday. We reached over 50,000 people with a message of support for Fair Taxes. There’s been some promising news on the topic this morning, but more needs to be done – please help us keep up the pressure!

    There’s a full report on Switch-off Saturday, and easy ways for you to support the campaign, at

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