Catching up: my recent articles

I have to admit that I’ve not done a great job of keeping my blog updated lately. But I have been writing lots!

I’ve written articles for various publications over the last few months. Some (but not all) of them are related to my part-time job as Campaigns Manager of the Peace Pledge Union. Looking at them now, I realise that there are quite a few that I have not posted here. I will be sure to do so in future!

Meanwhile, by way of a catch-up, here you go:

11 January 2021 (Tribune): The British government is covering up its role in Yemen

11 December 2020 (Left Foot Forward): Ignore the spin: the Hague’s ruling on British war crimes in Iraq is damning

23 October 2020 (Morning Star): A white poppy for Yemen and all the other forgotten wars

21 October 2020 (Left Foot Forward): This Remembrance Day, we must remember the victims of today’s wars too

23 September 2020 (Left Foot Forward): The Tories are trying to remove accountability for war crimes. What will Labour do?

3 September 2020 (Shiloh Project): Looking at men looking at women: Is Matthew 5,27-28 liberating or oppressive?

September 2020 (Reform magazine): Who’s afraid of the Beast? Time to take another look at the Book of Revelation

17 August 2020 (Left Foot Forward): Will the Labour First Minister in Wales allow training of Saudi pilots on Welsh land?

27 June (Morning Star): 10 reasons not to support Armed Forces Day

17 April (Morning Star): Why waste money on bombs and bullets when ventilators are what’s needed?

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