The Peace Protestors: A history of modern-day war resistance

I am delighted to report that my new book has just been published by Pen & Sword. It’s called The Peace Protestors: A history of modern-day war resistance.

I owe many thanks to everyone who helped, contributed and supported me in writing the book. This includes people who were interviewed, who shared information with me or who provided feedback on early drafts of the chapters, as well as everyone who encouraged me – and, of course, to people at Pen & Sword.

My book explores peace activism in the UK, particularly direct action, since 1980. This may sound like a short time period, but there was so much that I could have covered that I struggled with deciding what to leave out!

In writing the book, I sought to tell stories based on personal accounts of people who were part of them, while also drawing on media coverage from the time and later analysis. It is not primarily an academic book, but it does offer reflection and discussion of the events covered, as well as at times including newly discovered information and overlooked facts. I therefore hope it will be useful to academics and students, as well as to peace activists and other readers.

You can buy the book – with £5 off! – directly from my publisher’s website or order it from your local bookshop. (You can order it form the corporate tax dodgers at Amazon, but I hope you won’t!)

I’ll be speaking about the book as part of a panel with other peace historians at an online event on 21st June. Details of book talks in London and Birmingham will be available very soon.

If you have questions – or you’re reading the book and have comments, thoughts, disagreements or observations – it will be good to hear from you! Please feel free to email me or to comment below.

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